You will find here 30 years of raw wisdom, understanding, and experience from Sapoty Brook, MSc.
Practical advice on the how, when, where, and why of caring eating.


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Key Information

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In this web site you will learn ways to dramatically increase your energy, take more control of your body and mind, and profoundly deepen your understanding of raw food.

"One of the most interesting books I have read since becoming a raw-foodist is Sapoty Brook's Eco-Eating. I have found Sapoty Brook's chart tremendously beneficial."David Wolfe, Internationally renowned author of Sunfood Diet Success System, etc.

Discover the Scientific Secrets of How I Make Eating Raw Food Simple, Easy, and Profoundly Beneficial for Everyone." Sapoty Brook, Scientist, Author, and Trainer.

Sapoty Brook

Lilys: beauty from the mud

Do you want to learn to re-energise, heal, and slim yourself: to glow with natural beauty and vitality?

Would you like assistance to discover an easy raw path, free from polluting and disease?

Come in and learn the simple wisdom at and begin an effective journey you will cherish forever.

Eco-eatingempowers you by providing tools for you to easily create states of mind and body when you want them.

Eco-eating is a quick and easy approach to healthy, balanced, raw eating for busy people.

Not in a huge hurry?

See what other people say then let me guide you for free into knowing the key information. Following that, you can deepen your understanding with my book, chart, and video. Then you can fully integrate your learning into your living by experiencing the Eco-eating Raw Food Training with the video package or at a training weekend.

The hidden face of nature
Offering the Golden Key

Come with me on a natural journey of discovery to reveal the real face of food, which is being hidden by cultural conditioning and corporate deception.

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My Mission:

Through innovative scientific thinking, I work towards structured solutions for energy challenges to the wellbeing of human health and mobility.

With Earth-friendly creations, and supportive experiential trainings, I can teach you to energise and empower yourself to easily enjoy a raw, healthful life free of packaged food, and a mobile life free of carbon emissions, to enable your power-filled, pollutionless, engagement in a planet-positive future.

For more information about my initiatives see About.

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